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Landing page Website

There are no limits to the design variety of simple, technologically up-to-date landing pages. Being simple, clear, informative and clearly structured is the main focus for a successful landing page, so that it becomes a potential “lead” for your service. D@N-Development will help you place the main features of your landing page website correctly.

Landing page Website

Integrated features


Drupal 8

Drupal 8 is a future-proof CMS for a growing company.

SEO Tools

It has basic SEO tools so you can control search optimisation yourself.


Suitable security certificates for your website.


Reduction of unnecessary loading times to reduce the drop-off rate.


An optimised design, suitable for all end devices.


Expert support in server selection and maintenance.

Your Landing Page

In order to make your landing page website search-optimised, D@N-Development offers an additional SEO feature among its solutions to ensure the best possible placing in response to a search query. Why do we value a website with a good overview, and a clearly structured landing page? Because the customer decides in the first seconds from the point of seeing the site whether this website corresponds to what they want or not. All presented on one page, the potential customer can go to the online shop, contact form or directly to the telephone number.

Your benefits from us as a Drupal developer

Our Drupal Development offers you:

  • Simple and quick processing from the start of the project
  • Exact compliance with the Drupal Coding Standards
  • Comprehensive update security for your CMS
  • Short reaction times and direct contact
  • Responsive design for all end devices

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