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SEO optimization

SEO optimization service

SEO optimization

Visibility in search engines and placement in search results are critical for most websites. As a Drupal and Magento developer Austria, we can offer you a comprehensive SEO analysis of your website and your e-commerce, which enables you to comprehensively improve your own visibility. Our SEO analysis on the homepage or web shop level offers you an extensive framework, which you can maintain and take care of with our tools. How to bring your website forward in the search results.

Here you can download our SEO optimization service in PDF format.

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SEO optimization 

SEO analysis: A step towards success

Our SEO optimization offers you:
  • A SEO-optimised programming of your shop system and CMS

  • Easy maintenance and compliance with SEO standards

  • A comprehensive  SEO analysis of your existing website

  • All necessary tools for SEO optimization in-house

  • Comprehensive advice on current SEO guidelines

Information about SEO optimization
We optimise your system so that you can benefit from it in the long term. Once your system has been SEO optimised by us, you only have to maintain the keywords and the texts in the future and the changes will be visible to the search engines in a few days. Various modules are used
in Drupal and also in Magento in order to be able to provide the complete meta tags. The system will be automated by us as best as possible so that you can optimise your ads with the search engines in the future with little effort.
The search engines constantly change their logic and therefore it makes sense to repeat this optimization in the case of any large version jumps in the search engines in order to meet the new requirements. Various tools can be used to keep up to date, we will show you everything.