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Performance Optimization

Performance Optimisation Service

Performance optimisation for your web presence

The performance of your website or e-commerce is critical. Fewer and fewer customers and visitors have any patience for long loading times or poor reaction times. Our performance optimisation for your website gives you the secure feeling of getting the most out of your website. We analyse the reaction speeds of your website comprehensively and develop solutions and approaches for a complete and comprehensive performance optimisation of your website.

Here you can download our service for performance optimisation in PDF format.

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The main components

The combination and design is crucial:

Performance factors

Planning Server Development System optimisation Optimisation

React faster - inspire customers and visitors

Our performance optimisation offers you:
  • An optimisation of your website’s loading times
  • Improved user guidance through load balancing
  • The optimisation of your modules and their interaction
  • A detection of weaknesses in web hosts or server operators
  • A noticeable acceleration in the loading and response times of your website
Information about performance optimisation
There are many approaches in Drupal, we choose the best one for your system. Depending on the host provider, different server modules can be used. We will configure the Drupal system accordingly based on the possibilities that your server offers.
A Magento online shop needs a good, powerful server in order to get good performance. Here, too, various server modules are used, which are configured with the Magento system.
When choosing the host provider you should pay attention to a few things, good hardware (e.g. SSD hard drive, high RAM, data rates). For Magento it is advisable not to take the cheapest package, especially for an online shop, where fractions of a second play a major role.