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Magento developer in Austria

As experienced Magento developers in Austria, we know how to optimise the Magento Content Management System for all requirements. Wether Magento modules, Magento Multishop, or a simple Magento web-shop: As Magento developers we can take over the planning and design of your Magento environment, program interfaces and modules according to your requirements and optimise your website according to the applicable web standards. Your website will impress search engines and visitors alike.

Here you can download our Magento developer service in PDF format.

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Magento developer

Know-how and experience as a Magento developer

We can offer you the following advantages:

  • Compliance with Magento coding standards
  • Usability-friendly structure of your Magento website
  • Quick reactions to questions, suggestions or problems
  • Update-safe Magento environment with further support
  • Magento module development according to your wishes
Magento information
Magento is one of the most modern, fast and most used shop systems in the current e-commerce market. It allows extensive adjustments to the shop system without affecting the core functionality of the system. Adjustments and extensions are created as modules that are encapsulated by the system. In this way, an update from Magento can be installed in just a few steps without overwriting individual changes and extensions.
The main focus of the shop system is on the product. The shop system supports a wide variety of product types -– simple products, bundles, configured, virtual, or downloadable products. With these options, almost all product requirements can be mapped, and there is also a very extensive attribute system. With this it is possible to create a wide variety of attribute sets in order to map the large variety of products in the best possible way and, however, very easily. The creation of the attribute sets requires careful planning with an experienced Magento developer, but this is not a problem when it can prevent later conflicts or unnecessary additional effort.
The free community edition of the e-commerce solution already offers a range of functions that leaves nothing to be desired. With the huge Magento community, errors are found quickly and new features are created very promptly when demanded. Many of these extensions also have their own support from their developers. Magento was developed with regard to SEO functionality and, with the appropriate extensions, these functions can also be expanded. Magento is multishop-capable; you can manage several shops with different domains under a single administration interface.